2019 another good year for Mortgage Success

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2019 has been another good one for Mortgage Success. We started the year unsure of what to expect with Brexit. That showed particularly in February when looking back at the enquiries and mortgages submitted that month being half what we did in February 2018.

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However, with the exception of February and August, every other month has been busier than it was in 2018 and we have done around 10-15% more Mortgages in 2019 than we did in 2018 making it our busier year since starting out in 2013.

The other big news was that we took on a new trainee Mortgage Broker based in Huntingdon and she has already done a handful of applications and helped with some of our admin so hopefully she will hit the ground running in 2020.

We also developed our own Back Office System which now means we can offer the facility for you to upload documents securely (rather than email or posting), you can access your documents online 24/7 through our online portal. We have also developed an online electronic signature system to save you time with printing and scanning – we are always looking at ways to use IT to make all of our lives easier, we can still do wet signature paperwork if you prefer.

The Success Stories

I have become a big believer in writing about our success stories now. We speak to a lot of people who are nervous about explaining their circumstances or worried they can not get a mortgage. I think it is important to show that you are not the first or the worst we have ever seen. Over the years we have come across many different circumstances and we are still coming across new things, but most importantly we are also able to help them.

I made a post on our Top 5 Mortgage Success Stories of the year in October. In particular the first 2 were great examples of something we had not come across before, something we managed to overcome and something we learnt from (also one of them, the customer was told they could not get a Mortgage by another broker).

This year has probably seen 3 of my top 5 cases we have managed to help on since opening the doors in 2013. These 3 were really complicated or quirky cases that took a lot of time to find a solution.

The end of 2018 and into 2019

Despite everything happening with the elections and Brexit, we are still very busy at the minute. It does usually start to slow down in terms of enquiries and applications in November and December but this year appears to be very different and we are still submitting applications for purchases as well as remortgages.

Looking slightly further ahead we are also receiving more enquiries than usual for people looking to buy in the new year. Generally speaking January is our quietest month so it would not take a look for it to be a busy (or busier) January, but it looks like people are quite optimistic about the future and still looking at getting on to the property ladder or moving home.

In our opinion this year has been a very good one and it shows no signs of slowing down going in to the new year regardless of what is going on in the wider world, it almost feels like Brexit has been going on that long, everyone is carrying on with their lives as normal which should hopefully bode well for next year.

Thank you!

As mentioned at the beginning of this post, this year has been our busiest, we have helped more people to buy their first home, move home or remortgage than any year before.

Obviously we can only do that with the support of our Mortgage Success customers and so I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone for their support this year. Have a great Christmas and new year.