Bad Credit Mortgage broker in Stockport

Mortgage Success has been trading since 2013, originally as “Manchester Mortgage Broker” and then in 2016 we became Mortgage Success.

We have been specialising in Bad Credit mortgages since 2013 which is almost 10 years as a specialist. If that is not enough to convince you we know what we are doing I have written more below.

What does Specialising in bad credit mean?

Mortgage lenders differ significantly in their requirements, processes and procedures. They also all have their own “quirks”. The difference between mainstream lenders does vary a little but there is a big difference between mainstream lenders and specialist bad credit lenders.

To just give a very basic example, we have recently come across a case where a broker submitted an application to a specialist lender without proof of deposit. The lender then came back and asked for this. Now, in the grand scheme of things that is not the end of the world. However because we know this would be needed we would have ensured this was uploaded on day one with the other normal requirements.

The outcome of the application will be exactly the same, the key difference is that we would have received the answer 2-3 days sooner. This process is called “packaging” and and specialist lenders require more packaging than a normal high street lender. We know this as although we specialise in Bad Credit and use specialist lenders, we also regularly use high street lenders. We know the difference. It seems the broker in the example above can do specialist, but they do not do them regularly enough to know the quirks.

High Street lenders automate a lot of the process and only ask for the bare minimum requirements in the majority of cases. Specialist lenders do the opposite and check everything thoroughly as the risk is greater. Packaging is more than just uploaded the bare minimum requirements as requested by the system. Packaging is going through the information, going through your bank statements and asking the questions that you expect to crop up at the outset to save time. We will never get this 100% correct 100% of the time, but we do our best to get your offer issued as quickly as possible.

Why Mortgage Success if you have bad credit?

  • Simply put we have over 8 years experience.
  • We know the specialist lenders better than most brokers.
  • We have many happy customers

Yes we have a lot of experience with the specialist lenders. However we will always try to place you on the high street if we think that is possible. If you end up with a high street lender it is cheaper for you and easier for us, everyone is a winner. But we will always be realistic about your chances of success on the high street.

Whether you have Defaults, CCJs, a DMP or Bankruptcy, we have plenty of examples of real life customers we have been able to help. You can see some of those stories in detail on our Mortgage Success stories page.

Bad Credit in Stockport

We live in Stockport, we know the area. Not all lenders lend in all parts of the UK. Although we have customers from Aberdeen down to Brighton, Stockport is our home, we know the area and surrounding areas well.

We know the lenders lending in the area and more importantly the ones who are not.

If you would like to speak to a local Mortgage broker please get in touch. We will be happy to discuss your potential options over the phone. If you wish to proceed, we can then give you a list of what you need to get together.