Bankruptcy Discharge Certificate

If you have previously been bankrupt we would usually request a copy of the Bankruptcy Discharge certificate for the mortgage lender. Below is a little more information on what this document looks like and where to get a copy if you do not have it.

What is Bankruptcy discharge certificate?

Historically you would receive a certificate from the Insolvency Service to evidence you had completed your bankruptcy and had now been discharged.

Over the last 5-10 years (possibly longer) this certificate has been replaced with a letter, although it is still commonly referred to as the Discharge Certificate. Below is an example of the Discharge Letter and the Certificate you can expect to receive once discharged so you can see the difference.

What if I do not have a copy of the Discharge Letter?

You can call the Insolvency Service who can provide you with a copy, I believe there is a charge of around £70 for this – so worth trying to find it if you can.

I have seen people come back with a copy in a matter of days and others have taken a few weeks so it may depend on the area and how busy they are at the time of requesting a copy as to how long it takes.

I have already found a property

There are times where we can do the research and potentially apply for the mortgage without the discharge certificate. Relying on this however could cause delays down the line if it does take a while to get and it may reduce your options. It is therefore better if you can get a copy prior to applying as it will inevitably be needed at some point in the application process.

Next steps

If you are looking to apply for a mortgage we can still talk through your options without the letter. Please feel free to get in touch where we can get a little more information about where you are up to and what you are looking to achieve. We can help to point you in the right direction as every person is unique and has their own set of circumstances. I write it a lot on here, but the devil is in the detail.