Best Doctors gets better

If you have ever met me and we have spoken about insurance, you will have heard me banging on about Best Doctors. It is something I am quite passionate about… I mean in the sense that is insurance and I am as passionate as you can be about insurance.

What is Best Doctors?

I wont do it any just here, but best doctors has 2 parts to it:

  1. Best Doctors – it comes included in some insurance policies free of charge. It is in essence a second opinion on medical issues. They can look at your medical notes and reports etc and give a second opinion on the diagnosis and on the best form of treatment.
  2. Best Doctors Global Treatment – This is where for a small monthly amount, they will not only give you a second opinion, they will also cover the cost of travel, accommodation and treatment anywhere in the world for certain conditions.

Your GP can only make recommendations on what is available on the NHS but in reality there are other treatments available elsewhere.

I remember watching a video at a conference. It told the story of a lady who had a brain tumour, she was basically told she had around 18 months to live and to prepare for the inevitable. This lady had Best Doctors, she spoke to them and ultimately they found some pioneering treatment in Barcelona and she was cured.

Just imagine that for a minute. For less than a fiver a month, she has been given the rest of her life!

I wrote a little more about Best Doctors here.

My experience

I have used Best Doctors twice since I took out the policy.

The reason I took out the policy in the first place was when my daughter was born. We were in and out of hospital with her for about 3 months. I took out the policy to see if we could help get to the bottom of what the issue was. Between me taking out the policy and starting the process of putting in a claim the Hospital found out the issue – my daughter made a full recovery and all is great now.

The second time I used it was for myself. Ultimately I found some lumps, my own Dr called me up and spent less than 5 minutes on the phone. Best Drs however spent over 35 minutes on the phone on a Friday evening. You can read about my story here.

How has it got better?

When I signed up for Best Doctors Global Treatment, it was £4 a month on top of my insurance policy, which took the premium to around £15 per month in total.

It was reduced in price a couple of years ago to around £3 per month. It has now been reduced again and costs me £2.39 a month! £2.39 a month to have access to a second opinion and the best doctors in the world for certain treatments!

Imagine being treated by the same surgeons that are used to treating the richest people in the world. Being put up in a hotel and having your flights and transfers fully booked and paid for. Without you needing to do any messing around yourself.

It is for me one of the biggest bargains you will ever come across.