The adverse case going to a no adverse lender

Around 2 years ago we did a Mortgage for a first time buyer. The customer at the time had perfect credit, a good stable job and no debt – there were absolutely no issues and

A look back & a look forward to 2021

2020 started like any other year, mortgages were cheap and plentiful lenders were looking at ways to increase the amount they could lend and everything was good. Fast forward until March and how things changed.

The end of 2020

Where to we begin with 2020? It had so much promise, you could get away with funky glasses on New Years Eve, it was the start of a new decade and it was the beginning

Do you feel alone with your adverse?

Most of our customers have credit issues in one form or another, from very mild historic missed or late payments through to recent Bankruptcy. There was a report carried out by Pepper money (you can

Do you stick out?

As Mortgage Brokers part of our job is to understand lenders criteria. We work with around 80 Mortgage lenders so it is impossible to remember everything. However there are things it is important to know

Mortgage Success moves to Stockport!

After just over 7 years in Urmston, which has been a great home to us as it was where we (or I) started out as a single adviser with a desk and no customers! However

Customer currently in an IVA Success story

This was an application referred over to us from another Mortgage broker we know. It was something that he did not believe he could help with – he actually did not think it could be

What do the numbers at the bottom of our site mean?

Financial Services in a regulated industry, that means our governing body, The Financial Conduct Authority (or FCA) set out certain rules that we must follow. The idea is that this allows customers to compare things