Overview of our Success Stories

Over the last few years we have found that we have a lot of the same conversations. Two of those conversations are: I know you probably wont be able to help me because of my

Why use a specialist Mortgage Broker?

This post is just generically speaking it is not specifically related to adverse credit, but after some recent conversations with customers I thought it would be useful to explore the question, ‘Why use a specialist

The Current Mortgage Market & McDonalds…

McDonalds and the Mortgage Market is not something you would expect in the same sentence, so you may well be thinking, what has McDonalds and the current Mortgage market got in common? I am hearing

Pay Day Loans & Default Success story

If at first you do not succeed, try, try again has never been truer than in this example in how an application for a mortgage with Pay Day Loans & Default played out. Hint, we

Bad Credit Remortgage Examples

I thought it would be a good idea to give a couple of Bad Credit Remortgage Examples. These examples are where we have been able to help people obtain remortgages despite them having bad credit

2020 the year of Coronavirus and Bad Credit Mortgages

Coronavirus and Bad Credit Mortgages, what a year 2020 has been so far. We started 2020 with the biggest pipeline we have ever had due to the busiest October-December we have ever had. January came

Covid-19 and What happens if my Mortgage falls through

The last couple of days we have noticed a lot of hits on our website from people worried about ‘What happens if my Mortgage falls through’ and searching things like: mortgage fees if sale falls

Are cheap Life insurance policies a false economy?

When it comes to life insurance, are cheap life insurance policies a false economy? Do they put more obstacles in the way of claiming for example? With the current situation regarding Covid19 (or Cronavirus) I