Buying a home in Manchester

Manchester is a great city to look at buying your home, we have ‘everything except a beach’ as Ian Brown famously said.

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With everything from Shopping Centres to Green spaces, events for big and little kids, day time entertainment to a great night life, sporting events and facilities, festivals, the list is endless. You name it, we have it covered in Manchester.

North Manchester

In North Manchester you tend to get quite a bit more for your money than you would in South or West Manchester. You have the popular town of Prestwich, Heaton Park, and good commuter links with the regular buses, the met and to a lesser extent the train service.

In and around Prestwich you can get a 3 Bedroom semi for around £150-200,000 upwards.

East Manchester

This is an area that seems to be increasing in popularity. Historically this has been cheaper side of Manchester. However with the met and investment going in to the area with some thanks to Manchester City house prices are going up and there are quite a few new housing developments in the area.

House Prices on this side of Manchester are still cheaper than elsewhere with 3 Bedroom semis starting from around £130,000-200,000 this is probably the side of Manchester where you will get the most for your money.

South Manchester

South Manchester is one of the more affluent sides of the city. With areas such as Wilmslow, Bramhall and the infamous Didsbury, it can quite easily cost £230,000 to £300,000 for a 3 bed semi in South Manchester, although there is also no shortage of million pound houses in the area.

Commuter links are also good from the are, not only is there the met, trains and buses it is also the home of Manchester Airport.

West Manchester

This is our home turf so we have saved the best til last 🙂

West Manchester tends to cover Trafford and Salford. With places like Altrincham and Sale which have always been quite attractive areas for families house prices tend to be higher than average for Greater Manchester. Our home town of Urmston has seen a lot of investment over the last couple of years and with that it has brought an increase in house prices. With more investment coming from the Altrincham style food market, there is no reason to suspect that will change.

Added to that, we also have the Trafford Centre, and reasonable links in to Manchester city centre, albeit not quite as good as other areas. The met is great from Sale, Altrincham, Eccles and Stretford, but it does not go through places like Urmston or Flixton so for public transport you are a little more reliant on trains and buses in those areas.

House prices tend to vary a lot in this part of Manchester, they are closer to around £150-250,000 in the Salford part and £200,000 upwards in the Trafford part but can quite easily start closer to £300,000 in places like Altrincham and Sale.

Overview of Buying a Home in Manchester

There really is no shortage of things to do and see in Manchester. House prices tend to reflect that and in general you are not going to find a 3 bed semi family home for much less than £150,000 in most parts of Manchester, you would need to move our further afield to places like Bolton/Burnley or Blackburn.

Whilst we arrange mortgages for customers all over the UK we do have a physical office in Manchester and over the years we have become one of the leading Whole of Market Manchester mortgage brokers.

So, if you are Buying a home in Manchester, whether a seasoned local and home mover or If you are new to the area and looking for help on areas for budgets or some other requirement such as a complex case mortgage or bad credit mortgage, feel free to get in touch.

We would be happy to try and give you some suggestions.