Can a Mortgage Broker help me?

You may be asking yourself Can a Mortgage Broker help me? Read on and let me give you some insight on how we, a Whole of Market Broker, can find you the best mortgage deal for your needs and circumstances.

Since we set up as a Whole Market Mortgage Broker in 2013 we have all sorts of weird and wonderful cases hit our desk. Some are from applicants declined by their bank or turned away by other Mortgage Brokers others are quite quirky from unusual unemployment types to bad credit or quirky properties.

As we speak to a lot of people who think they are beyond help, I thought it may be useful to explain the types of cases we see – these are just the ones I remember from the last 6-7 years.

Employed and Self Employed

Providing you have a job letter offer and are currently employed in a similar type of role, we can look to help. Alternatively, if you have been employed in the role a month with a gap in employment previously, we can also look to help. If you are self employed, you will generally need 12 months of trading as a minimum with 1 years finalised accounts or self assessment. Anything beyond that, helps your application and opens up options but the 1 year trading is a minimum when it comes to self employed applicants.


We have customers who are professional sports people, actors from TV and film, supermarket workers, plumbers, solicitors, NHS staff, Seafarers and everything in between. Manual work, office work, contractors – we have probably seen it all. I think we could have a very long list here if we tried, but ultimately I can not think of an occupation we have been unable to help yet.

Credit History

Bad Credit Mortgages - Need a Whole Market Mortgage Broker?

As you can probably tell from our site, we do a LOT of cases where customers have adverse markers on their credit reports, from arrears, to Defaults/CCJs and right up to Bankruptcy, we have dealt with everything and overcome every type of credit issue. See Bad Credit Mortgages for more on this.

We have customers with good credit also, we do not limit ourselves to those with bad credit, we also have plenty of customers who just want the helping hand of a supportive broker to help along the way.

No credit history, we recently did a Mortgage for a Golf Pro who had lived abroad for 6 years. He came back to the UK with no credit history as he had been away for so long. We managed to get him accepted with the cheapest 3 year fixed rate on the market at the time. So even with no credit history, he still managed to get a deal on par (little golf joke for you there) with anyone else.

Good, Bad or none – do not be afraid to call, there is a good chance we can help.

Can too much credit prevent me from getting a Mortgage?

Lets go to the other end of the scale and we have a customer who had over £100,000 in loans and credit cards. We were able to help them out also. Clearly that is a lot of debt and to be able to overcome it, their incomes had to be enough – but providing it is affordable, the amount of debt is not necessarily an issue.

You have read about being too old or young for a Mortgage?

Our oldest customer was 69 at the time of application. He had no intention of retiring as he enjoyed work and used it as a way to see his work friends and get out of the house.

Too young? I can not recall our youngest customer, but we can help if you are 18 or above.

What is a Whole Market Mortgage Broker

As you may expect, a Whole Market Mortgage Broker can source from the entire UK mortgage market. We are not tied to any lending, lending group or anyone else and this is crucial for the borrower as with a whole of market broker, we simply find you the best mortgage for you, thats out there, plain and simple.

Summary of who we can help

I wanted to get across that there is no standard customer. We have customers on £100,000 a year with a bad credit, just like we have customers on £15,000 a year with bad credit.

Occupation, income, debt levels, credit history – we have never come across 2 people the same and we probably never will. If you are struggling, lets have a chat.

We are fee charging Whole Market Mortgage Broker but our Advice fee is only chargeable if we get you a mortgage at a rate you are happy with.

We will be very open and frank about your options, if that works for you, we can look to proceed. We are not here to waste your time nor our own. If we can help, we will do, if we can not, then we can tell you what needs to happen before we can so at least you have something to aim for.