Can I get a mortgage with bad credit in 2024?

We have spent a few weeks putting together a few posts to discuss getting a mortgage with bad credit. At Mortgage Success we specialise in helping people who have had bad credit to get back on track on get the mortgage they need.

The posts have been broken down into the main types of adverse we come across:

Getting a mortgage with Defaults in 2024 – This article looks at being able to obtain a Mortgage with multiple defaults. We look at types of lenders, their rates and likelihood of being accepted.

Getting a mortgage with CCJs in 2024 – CCJs are a little less common than Defaults. But we look at how they are viewed. The criteria is a little difference to Defaults and a little more complex in terms of the details. We take a look at those along with the maximum LTVs available and an example success story we were able to help with.

Getting a mortgage with a DMP in 2024 – DMPs crop up on a fairly regular basis. We have some very good success stories when helping people to overcome a DMP. This article is simply a case of looking at whether you can get a mortgage with a DMP which spoiler alert… you can. It looks at the things that can plan a factor.

Getting a mortgage with Bankruptcy in 2024 – We have done a few posts on mortgages for ex bankrupts in the past. This article concentrates on the likely options at various anniversaries. We look at the maximum LTVs and ball park rates at those anniversaries.

Multiple types of adverse

Experience suggests that most people will have various types of adverse. You may have gone Bankrupt or entered a DMP and in turn picked up defaults and/or CCJs.

Its not really possible to write posts combining multiple types of adverse – we would be here forever trying to cover every eventuality. What I can say though is that it is not uncommon for people to tick more than one of the boxes above and have various types of blemishes on their reports. If you fall into that category do not worry it is not uncommon. It is probably worth giving us a call so we can discuss in more detail.

Where you are trying to find the option that sits closest to your own for multiple types of credit issues, it might be best to look at our success stories.

Our Success stories

You may have found our site through our success stories here. We have plenty of examples going back over a decade of people we have helped with bad credit. These range from the various types of bad credit, quirky employment types, unusual properties and even applications which on the face of it should be straight forward.


As mentioned above, we can not possibly cover off everything we can do or have done. In 10 years, I can promise you we have see a lot! From 21 Defaults on an application through to 2 IVAs followed by Bankruptcy on another. If you think your credit report is the worst we have seen, we doubt it will be!

Get in touch and try us out. See if you can show us more than we have already seen! We can discuss your circumstances and see if we can help.