Why was my mortgage application declined?

Sometimes mortgage applications do end up being declined. There are various reasons for this. Some declined applications could be avoided which I will explain below. Others however you would only find out after an application

Mortgages after the lockdown

Where do we even begin! The only word I can think of is complicated. In 9 years of being a Mortgage broker, I can not remember a time where Mortgage options have been so volatile.

Brokers can help even the most straightforward…

In March time we submitted an application to the lender. First time buyer, no credit issues, deposit in place – all as straightforward as you could get. The Mortgage went straight to offer as expected

Why use a specialist Mortgage Broker?

This post is just generically speaking it is not specifically related to adverse credit, but after some recent conversations with customers I thought it would be useful to explore the question, ‘Why use a specialist

Covid-19 and What happens if my Mortgage falls through

The last couple of days we have noticed a lot of hits on our website from people worried about ‘What happens if my Mortgage falls through’ and searching things like: mortgage fees if sale falls

Specialist lenders stance on Coronavirus

There is no denying that the Coronavirus has had an impact on the Mortgage market but in via this page, we will issue as much information to inform our customers and the wider public on

Mortgages for first-time buyers with bad credit

Mortgage options for first-time buyers and those with bad credit can be limited but when it comes to Mortgages for first-time buyers with bad credit, speaking with a specialist broker such as Mortgage Success can

Do Self Employed need a Specialist Mortgage lender?

It is a commonly held thought that Self Employed applicants will struggle to get a Mortgage and that the self employed need a Mortgage broker. The actual answer is a little more complicated than that

Mortgages for unusual jobs

After working as a Mortgage Broker for coming up to 10 years, I thought it would be interesting to write about some of the occupations we have come across over the years and where we

Mortgage Declined by an Underwriter

What are your next steps if you have made an application and had the Mortgage Declined by an Underwriter? When applying for a Mortgage, there are generally speaking 2 steps, the first is the initial