Lifetime Mortgages with Bad Credit

If you are looking at how you can get a Lifetime Mortgage with bad credit, this post should hopefully help answer your questions and alleviate some of your concerns. Lifetime Mortgages which can also be

Older Borrower Real life example

Mortgages for older borrowers can be scarce on the open mortgage market. Yet in 2017 we received a call from a potential ‘older borrower’. He was 69 years old and wanted a Mortgage to be

How can we help First Time Buyers?

At Mortgage Success we love first time buyers. We love the excitement and we get the buzz you guys get when your offer has been accepted and then getting to give you the call to

What are we looking for on a Credit Report?

Most people we speak to say one of the following: I have checked my credit report and I have an Excellent credit score or I have checked my credit report and I have a Poor

What can I take a Mortgage out for?

When looking at what you can obtain a Mortgage for, we need to look at the lenders criteria. Some Mortgage lenders are quite strict on the reason for the Mortgage where as others say something

Bad credit mortgages

Everything you wanted to know about bad credit mortgages In this post we will cover everything you wanted to know about bad credit mortgages, but were afraid to ask! The first thing people should understand

Have you been declined for a Mortgage?

The first thing is do not panic. Lets look in to why you have been declined and then we can work on a plan of action. There can be many different reasons for a declined