Section 106 Mortgages

What is a Section 106? A Section 106 (S106) agreement is a legal agreement between both a developer and the local council. This would usually be a restriction which is required when a developer wants

Getting a Mortgage since Covid-19 hit

We made a post around 6 weeks ago about what it was like trying to get a Mortgage since Covid hit. 6 weeks is a long time and there has been some changes, the dust

Getting a Mortgage with localised lockdown

At the minute it feels that a lot of our posts are about Covid-19 and how it affects a Mortgage application. It is strange really as 4-5 months ago nobody had ever heard of it

How Covid-19 is affecting Mortgages Q&A

We have been getting a few questions over the last few weeks since Corona virus took hold, those questions range from how furlough and government grants affect Mortgage applications, through to payment holidays and what

The Current Mortgage Market & McDonalds…

McDonalds and the Mortgage Market is not something you would expect in the same sentence, so you may well be thinking, what has McDonalds and the current Mortgage market got in common? I am hearing

Coronavirus and Mortgages

Mortgages and moving home can be stressful at the best of times, nevermind in the throes of a pandemic and no that non essential travel restrictions came into force last night we wanted to outline

Mortgages for first-time buyers with bad credit

Mortgage options for first-time buyers and those with bad credit can be limited but when it comes to Mortgages for first-time buyers with bad credit, speaking with a specialist broker such as Mortgage Success can

Can I remortgage to pay off an IVA?

When looking at whether or not we can use a remortgage to pay an IVA there are a couple of things we need to consider. The good news is that there are Mortgage lenders who

Have you seen us in the Sawtry Eye?

Earlier this year we took Georgie on who lives in Cambridgeshire. She has been with us for around 6 months and is now settled in and up to speed with our processes and systems and