Conveyancing Solicitors

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Conveyancing Solicitors

When making a Mortgage Application you will need to have a firm of Solicitors you plan on doing the legal work for you. This process is called Conveyancing. Many lenders have a Panel of solicitors you can use, most lenders have a very open panel which just needs their to be 2 partners within the firm, however there are some lenders who have a much more narrow panel with only maybe 10-20 firms on the list. Typically these lenders need there to be 4 partners within the firm.

Before instructing any solicitors and certainly before paying them you should check if they are on lenders panels and also if you use us as your broker, speak to us so we can check if they are on the lenders panel.

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We can help you obtain some very competitive prices when looking for Conveyancing Solicitors although there is absolutely no requirement to use the company we use. Likewise if you use the company we use, you are also not required to use us for your Mortgage Brokers (although we would love to work with you for everything).

The firm we work with are on the panel of 99% of lenders out there so should be ok for most applications.

If you plan on using your own firm, we always suggest you get recommendations from friends or family as it is probably the biggest purchase of your life you are making, the last thing you want to be doing is to be using a poor firm of Solicitors for what is quite an important part of the home buying process.

We see a lot of Conveyancing solicitors and some of them are very good but quite a few cause far too many delays. The conveyancing process is an important stage in the house buying process, the last thing you want is a poor firm doing the legal work for you. We can not help with the solicitors above or below you in the chain, but you at least know if you have a good firm, any delays are unlikely to be your fault which should at least take the pressure off you which is lets face it, a stressful time.