My Credit Score and applying for a Mortgage

There are a few things to know when it comes to your Credit Score.

The first is that there is  no “credit score”. There are 3 different credit agencies, they give you a score which is an indication of how you have conducted your credit in the past.

Lenders use their own methods to score your application. They take the information from your credit report and combine it with the information on your application form and then score your application according to their own calculations.

Credit agencies do not hold information such as how many children you have, how much your income is etc and both of these can impact on how your application is looked at.

So, the one thing to remember is IGNORE THE SCORE. At best, it is an indication.


Two things we hear a lot of are…

I have a bad score, will I get a Mortgage?

Well, its tricky to answer that. We would need to look at the information on your credit report and your personal circumstances. We can then give you a good idea as to whether we think we can help or not.

I have a “Very good” score but was declined by….

This does happen. It happens because the credit agencies score can be worked out very different to how a lenders system does it. As every lender has their own method scoring, it could just be a case of choosing the wrong lender.

In either of the above circumstances, do not get disheartened or give up. Call or email us. We will run through your information and see what we can do. If we think there is too much to overcome, we will tell you and help you plan a route to you new home.