Critical Illness Insurance

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Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance is a policy that will pay out in the event of the person insured being diagnosed with one of around 35-40 conditions covered by the policy. All Critical Illness policies have to cover 3 main conditions Cancer, Stroke and Heart Attack, but they typically cover other conditions such as Alzheimers, Blindness, Loss of Limb among others.  Definitions vary from provider to provider.

Like life insurance, it’s possible to take the policy out on a level, decreasing or increasing basis. It’s fairly common to have Critical Illness bolted on to a Life Insurance policy but it’s important that it is not mixed up with Terminal Illness cover – which is something completely different.

Whilst it is common to take a Critical Illness policy out at the same time as a Mortgage, its not tied to the mortgage so you can use the money for anything you like – it may be used for treatment, to make changes to your home following diagnosis, clear debts or it can be used to go on a holiday if you wish – its entirely your decision.

We work from a panel of providers to get you a good deal on your Critical Illness policy. A list of providers is available upon request.