Examples of unusual mortgage applications

We often speak to people who think they have no chance of getting a Mortgage. I thought it might be useful for people to see some of the quirky and more unusual mortgage applications and enquiries we get…and then subsequently place.

Unusual Mortgage Application Case 1: A 69 year old looking for a remortgage and extend the term to 10 years. Many people think age is a barrier when looking to move home or remortgage. The papers make it seem that once you hit 40 or 50 you will struggle.  As you get older your options do reduce, but there is no reason why age alone will be a deal breaker.

Unusual Mortgage Application Case 2:  Mother, son and Daughter in law looking to purchase a property together. Again, another age related Mortgage, but also 3 applicants. This was not the easiest to place due to a number of other issues to overcome also. But again, we managed to get this through with a high street lender.

Unusual Mortgage Application Case 3: A couple were looking to remortgage their home to release money for home improvements. Mrs had been through an IVA which had been satisfied for just over 3 years. We managed to get this through with a high street lender.

Here at Manchester based Mortgage Success we don’t just deal with standard home owner loan applications and as a matter of fact most of what we do would be considered adverse credit or as detailed here the unusual mortgage applications for non standard situations so whatever your circumstance, give us a call and lets see what we can offer.