Financial Services and how we differ from other mortgage brokers

Lets be honest, most people do not have great perceptions of those working in the Financial Services. I had a cracking conversation with a potential customer who did not trust anyone (including us) in the Financial Services industry, but could not remortgage without the help of a Mortgage Broker.

In her mind, anyone who worked in a bank or as a mortgage broker for example were all Delboys who wore suits and tried to flog anything and everything to earn a few extra quid and hit their company targets.

There is not a lot we can do upfront to prove we are not like that, short of having a conversation and hoping to gain your trust enough to use us but one thing I can quickly dispel is that Mortgage Success is an independent family business and as such we dont have any (company) targets other than our achieving our customers satisfaction and getting them the right mortgage for them.

However, once trusted hopefully we can show you that your trust was well placed and you end up happy with exactly what was promised – and in turn you recommend us to your friends and family as they will trust you more than us.

It did get me thinking about peoples thoughts on Mortgage Brokers, as many people have a similar opinion.

So how do we differ to other Mortgage Brokers?


We work for ONLY our customers. We do not have any introducers where we pay a kick back or commission to.

Our fees are ONLY paid on FULL offer of a Mortgage. Not application, offer of a Decision in Principle or any other stage prior to you getting what you came to us for.

We only take on cases we have confidence we can place, we are not here to waste your time or ours.

There are no secrets or hidden information. The amount of commission we receive is on your illustration and Mortgage offer. We are also more than happy to provide a list of all the lenders we deal with and the commission rates we receive. If you think we may be choosing a lender based on commission, tell us.

All of our reviews are written by our customers and you can get in touch with some of them directly on facebook to verify the reviews are genuine. They are all on trustpilot and our facebook page.

As a general rule, our motto is “Look after the customer and everything else will fall in to place”. By that we mean, if we do a good job for you, you will come back to us and more importantly, you will recommend us to others.

We are a successful profitable business. We have no sales targets to meet, no shareholders to answer to and no introducer’s to report to. You are our number one priority and we do rely on recommendations.

So what are you waiting for? Drop us an email, give us a call – we are always happy to have a chat.