Getting a Mortgage with bad credit in 2022

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As a specialist Bad Credit Mortgage broker we write a lot about being able to get a Mortgage with various types of bad credit.

It has been a year or 2 since we wrote posts on obtaining mortgages generically with individual types of adverse. We have put together a list of articles with obtaining a Mortgage when you have Defaults, CCJs, Bankruptcy or a DMP in the current climate as a lot has changed in the last 2 years since Covid hit. Each article goes into some detail and provides some recent examples where possible.

Mortgages with…

Defaults – This article discusses trying to get a Mortgage with defaults. We look at the factors that can affect lenders and a recent success story we have. We look at the options on the high street and also with the more specialist lenders.

CCJs – Similar to the above but in regards to CCJs.

Bankruptcy – In this article we look in depth at what your options may look like at the various anniversaries following bankruptcy and how we can help.

DMPs – DMPs are a little quirky in how lenders look at that. We go into some detail in this post.

Varying types of adverse

I know that some people may have more than one of the above. Someone who has gone bankrupt may have a number of Defaults and CCJs for example. It becomes quite complicated to try and write about various types of adverse combined as we could be there all day look at Defaults and Bankruptcy as we then also have to consider the dates, values and so on.

If you have various types of adverse combined, it is probably best to just pick up the phone and have a chat with us.

But we have examples of where we have been able to help…

2 x IVAs and 2 x Bankruptcies on the same application – near normal rates! – This is a case that I will always remember. It was quite a sad story of a couple who went through a difficult time, were wrongly advised and we were able to get them back on track.

DMP, Defaults and Declined Applications – Another example, albeit a little less severe where the applicants had various types of adverse and a couple of declined Mortgage applications but we were able to help.


As you can see, we are used to dealing with adverse from arrears through to Bankruptcy. We have many many happy customers after working in the adverse world for over 7 years now. You can read a lot on the internet and also our site about what we can do and success stories. Sometimes it is easier to just pick up the phone and have that conversation.

Sometimes it can be difficult to talk about, but I am sure we have seen most things now. Pick up the phone or fill out the contact form, lets see what we can do for you.