How can we help First Time Buyers?

At Mortgage Success we love first time buyers. We love the excitement and we get the buzz you guys get when your offer has been accepted and then getting to give you the call to congratulate you on your Mortgage offer being issued.

What do we do?

When it comes to buying your first home, we understand you are full of excitement and potentially fear. The first thing we do is to have an initial chat with you to understand your situation and what you want to achieve.

We will then go through a “Factfind” with you. A factfind is our go to document which gives us the opportunity to get your details down on paper and allows us to delve in to any potential problems upfront – we always ask people to give us the good the bad and the ugly. The more we know, the more accurate our research will be.

Once we have everything down on paper we will do the research and come back with an idea of deals available on the market. We would not give a specific product at this stage as rates, deals and criteria can change on a daily basis, so initially we would give you something to work with when looking for properties.

Once you have found a property, we would then discuss your options and get your application submitted. We will let you know the next steps and approximate time frames so that you can hopefully relax a little knowing that everything is under control. We will also liaise with the Estate Agents on your behalf. This is our job, we do this all day and understand you will be in work, it is therefore easier for us to speak to the agents than it will be for you – and because we know the process far better, we can give more accurate information to the agents.

One of our biggest selling points is that we will be open and honest with you. We will not tell you what you want to hear to be polite. If there is an issue we will discuss it with you upfront. We will be clear and open when discussing your options and let you know if your requirements are not feasible. Our fees are clear and mentioned at the beginning of the process and only charged on full offer of a Mortgage. Unlike many brokers, if there are cheaper lenders than the one we applied to, we will tell you about them and explain why we did not go to them – we justify it to you in a letter, not all brokers do this.

Our Service

In a nutshell our service includes:

  • Whole of Market Mortgage advice – giving you access to well over 70 Mortgage lenders at the last count.
  • A dedicated point of contact with a fully qualified Mortgage Broker – no call centres, no admin staff, just an advisor who will speak to you during the working day or in the evening.
  • We liaise with the estate agents and underwriters on your behalf. No risk of putting your foot in it by saying something wrong, or not saying something for fear of putting your foot in it.
  • If you use our solicitors, we will get your certified ID sent over to them and give them a nudge if they appear to be dragging their feet.
  • Personal service, we take on a limited number of customers at any one time. You are not a number and your advisor will know your case inside out.
  • You can be as involved as much or as little as you like. We have customers who want to know what is happening at every step and we have customers who prefer to give us everything and leave it with us until they have their mortgage – the choice is yours.

For open, honest, personal and whole of market mortgage advice from a family run business who loves first time buyers – get in touch. We would love to talk to you about your purchase.