Im not happy…

Last week we had an existing customer get in touch. They had spoken to an online broker before coming back to us (thats not the bit I have a problem with).

The bit I have a problem with however is that they compared us to an online mortgage broker… Now, I have nothing against online Mortgage Brokers, but to be compared with one by an existing customer hurt. It was like a shot to the heart!

My issues

Firstly, we are a small family business. We buy into our clients and treat them like friends. We are not a call centre, we are people who want the relationship to last. Our customers are not just a customer we forget about. A good example, a customer of ours from 2014 called up earlier in the month and started to remind me about their situation… I didnt need reminding, I remember them.

Secondly, within the space of an hour I had provided them quotes for the figures they wanted. The online mortgage broker got some of the figures wrong. We had also offered advice on their solicitors (not to try and sell ours, but because I did not want them getting a bad firm and being charged over the odds by a referral from an estate agent).

Also the product we had discussed, around an hour later we received an email from the lender to say the product was being pulled in 30 hours… Would the online mortgage broker have remembered them enough to send the email on and let them know? Who knows?

Lastly, yes we are mortgage brokers. But we are around for you to pick our brains whenever you like. We are not just hear to get the sale. We are here full stop. Struggling to pay your mortgage? Want to discuss some potential thoughts on your future? Divorce or separation and want to discuss your options discreetly? We are here because we are your mortgage broker through the good times and the bad and we bought into you as our customer, we try to remember all of our customers. You are not a number.

Not really

I am only joking about being hurt. Im not really hurt or offended or unhappy. But that does not make a good title does it? A little part of me does die inside whenever we are compared to an online broker or a call centre. Our job title may be the same, but the way we go about business I think is very very different. I could pull a file out on any of our customers and tell you something about them, because we are a small business everything is much more personal.

I am not saying do not use an online broker, by all means do. But there are big differences between a large online or call centre brokers compared to a smaller local broker.

The lady found it funny when I told her I am offended though and more importantly stuck with us.


The couple stuck with us. We submitted their application on Thursday last week and had an offer issued less than 48 hours later over the weekend.