How many Mortgage lenders can we access?

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I was asked today by a potential client, “How many banks do you have access to?” and it may sound bad, but I genuinely did not know how many mortgage lenders we could access of the top of my head..

So I went and looked.

The answer is that I stopped counting at 65!

However, it is important to mention that although we have access to over 65 lenders, not all of these are banks. Some are Building societies and some are private lending groups – however all are fully regulated and authorised by the FCA and here at Mortgage Success  we have over 3,500 different products at our disposal from those lenders.

Rates start from around the 1% mark, right through to around 10%…thankfully I can not think of a time I have placed a Mortgage where the rate was in excess of 10%, but I am sure they have their uses.

Every day is a school day. I thought we had around 45-50 lenders, so it is nice to learn something new and to know we have even more lenders than initially thought.

So whilst the overall mortgage market has gone through some changes, and is somewhat better serving of adverse credit customers at Mortgage Success we have access the right products from the right lenders that are the best fit for your needs and circumstances, whether adverse, unusual or just the bog standard…