Mortgage Enquiries in April

Here I will be looking over some of the Mortgage Enquiries we had in April as we have done a couple of these posts before and we tend to get a few enquiries from people who have similar ‘unusual mortgage enquiries’ on the back of them.

The key thing to remember is just because you have a less than perfect situation it doesnt mean you are automatically denied the chance to get a mortgage and own your home or move if your circumstances have changed since your last mortgage.

What’s on offer from the mortgage lenders changes just as much as peoples circumstances do, so we I will try to make this a monthly “thing” to showcase some real life cases, but we will see.

What quirky enquiries have we had this month?

We had one mortgage query were the applicant has been unemployed for 3 months after being made redundant. He now has a new job and has only been in the job for 2 weeks. Can we place it? Of course we can. 90% LTV, rates of around 2% and we have a lender happy to look at the application as soon as the customer is ready to apply.

Another enquiry, quite a lot trickier consisted of  our customers  moving from the South East of England to the Outer Hebrides. One of the applicants has a job lined up but not yet started and the other will remain in the South East until they can find a job nearer the new home. Can we place it? Of course! Slightly bigger deposit this time, around 15%, but again, normal rates.

Whilst we love the non standard mortgage enquiries that the banks largely shy away from we do also get more straight forward enquiries, such as customers looking to remortgage a buy to let on to a better rate or purchasing a property from a relative at a discounted price.

So normal, unusual, quirky, give us a call. You might be surprised at what can be placed.