Mortgage Enquiries in July

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What a month July was!

It started quite slowly for us, it took us a while to work out why and then we realised, it was the World cup (It seems like a long time ago now doesnt it). But then as soon as England had lost to Croatia and our best outcome was third, the phone never seemed to stop.

For once, most of the enquiries we had were quite “normal”, standard purchases or remortgages with no major quirks about them which made a nice change. We had a couple of quirky cases which I will run through so you can get an idea of what types of cases we get…

Remortgage with debt consolidation and adverse

We received a call form a lady who wanted to remortgage in order to raise some additional funds to clear other debts they had, do some work on their home and lower their overall expenditure along with some adverse in the form of Payment plans with creditors. All in all, this was not an easy combination to overcome.

We spoke to our account managers and did the research from scratch and managed to find a lender prepared to accept it. Because of the adverse, the rates were not market leading, but  at less than 2.4%, we were really happy with the outcome for the client.

Purchase with previous Mortgage Arrears

A gentleman got in touch to help with a purchase after being declined elsewhere. It turned out there were some arrears on credit commitments but more importantly, Mortgage arrears which had been caught up around 12 months ago. We managed to find a lender and so far have a Decision in Principle and just awaiting the Mortgage offer at a rate below 2.5%.

Struggling to get a Mortgage?

Come and test us to see if we can help. It costs nothing to get in touch and run your situation by us. Our number is 0161 327 2799.