Mortgage Enquiries in March

Here I will be looking over some of the Mortgage Enquiries we had in March as every now and again, I think it is useful to share some of the enquiries that we have had. We often speak to people who expect to have no chance of getting a Mortgage so to share some examples may help to see that there is no harm in asking.

3 years discharged bankrupt with defaults & CCJ

We had a couple where one of the applicants had been bankrupt in 2014, discharged in 2015. Between them, they also had around 10 defaults and a CCJ. Lastly, one of the applicants was also self employed, hoping to use their latest years accounts due to a large increase.

We found a lender who will take all of this on and ignore everything over the 3 year mark.

Pay day loans and arrears

Pay day loans when it comes to Mortgages can be quite difficult to overcome and we have a number of mortgage enquiries on this issue alone week in week out. As pay day loans are an expensive way to get money, many lenders take the view that the customer may have financial difficulties – despite this not always being the case  – and so many lenders do not like them.

We had a customer come to us who had quite a few Pay Day loans and also missed payments on a loan. We were able to find a lender who could see the issues were all over 12 months and that there were no current problems with the customers financial affairs.

It never hurts to give us a call. We can have a chat and see what we can do to get you on to the property ladder.