Success Stories

Below are a couple of examples of where we have been able to help clients obtain the Mortgage they needed.

Purchase Price £250,000
Deposit £37,500 (15%)
Rate 2.89% (2 year fixed)
We received a call from a gentleman looking to buy out his Wife following a breakdown in the relationship. The gentleman had been made bankrupt in the past, although it was some time back.

After discussing the case with our account manager at a small Building Society we managed to get the lender to agree to the Mortgage with a detailed explanation as to how the bankruptcy came about. We also managed to get it through at a rate LOWER than a lot of the high street Mortgage lenders were offering!

Purchase Price £415,000
Deposit £103,800 (25%)
Rate 2.84% (2 year fixed)
A couple approached us to arrange a Mortgage for them. They were looking to sell their current property and move to a larger family home. One of the applicants had previously been in an IVA (A form of Insolvency) which had been discharged for 3 years and had a perfect credit history ever since.

After talking the case through with our account manager we were able to secure the couple a Mortgage with a high street lender and at very competitive rates.

Purchase Price £194,995
Deposit £9,750 (5%)
Rate 6.09% (2 year fixed)
A lady called us following another broker advising them they could not help them to get a Mortgage. The clients were looking to get a 95% Mortgage with 3 defaults on their credit reports. Because of the high LTV and the defaults we were very limited in options.

We knew of a lender not on the high street who were prepared to accept defaults and CCJs in certain circumstances. The case progressed smoothly with the lender and the underwriters were happy to disregard the defaults, they were also not concerned with needing an explanation for them. The clients moved into their new home approximately 2-3 months after making the application.

After the deal finishes the rate will drop automatically to the lenders SVR rate even if we do not look for cheaper alternatives elsewhere.


The overall cost comparison is 4.54%. The actual rate available will depend upon your circumstances. Ask for a personalised illustration.