Mortgages for Content Creators

Where do we start with this?

I am 39 years old, I had no idea what a content creator was until around a year ago. I never realised people made a wage from the likes of TikTok, youtube and other sites such as onlyfans. That being said, I see onlyfans on many peoples bank statements so I suppose I should have known, it had just never crossed my mind. I do not recall ever seeing youtube or tiktok on them however.

In the last year, we have spoken to a number of people whose income comes either in full or in part come from creating content for some of the sites listed above and others too.


Depending on the content you create, I am sure some of you do your own research before producing the content. We are no different, we have had to research obtaining a mortgage for people who get paid from some of these companies. What we have found is that some of the issues are unexpected.

  • Paid in USD converted to Sterling – surprisingly this can cause a problem with some lenders.
  • When we consider sites such as only fans. I have not come across any lenders who will necessarily decline it, but there were questions around that income.

Its quite interesting as this was something quite new to me when the enquiry hit my desk. I initially found I was having to put a lot more work in to understand how it works. How payments are made, how reliable the payments are, is it a long term business and so on.

I almost feel like an expert in understanding how content creation works and how people get paid from it – so much so I have even come across sites such as Patreon! (never heard of it until I spoke to a content creator).

Products available

Regardless of the concerns raised above, we were able to find lenders for these applications. The products available were usually at normal rates unless there were also other issues to overcome. I think the key thing to take from this, whether you are a content provider for yourself or you are a contractor or collaborator, we can help you to obtain a mortgage.

It does not matter if you are providing content for:

  • TikTok,
  • Instagram,
  • YouTube,
  • OnlyFans,
  • BBC,
  • Patreon

Or a combination or any other site where you can earn money for publishing content. There are a lot of overlaps and we have the experience and understanding of how your industry works to help you obtain a mortgage.


As a firm, we are used to dealing with complex cases. Admitteldy those applications tend to revolve around bad credit or other complex issues. Not so much around new industries. Mortgage Lenders are generally open to the idea of lending to Content creators at normal rates. I think the key part is that like many applications there can be a couple of quirks that can catch you out if you are not aware.

Those quirks are not deal breakers that will prevent you getting a mortgage. It is more the circumstances around it that would mean they cancel any application regardless of occupation for the same reason. If you would like to speak to a broker with experience who knows what to look out for, please get in touch.