Moving to Bramhall

Mortgage Success is based in Cheadle Hulme which borders Bramhall. We regularly see people looking to buy or remortgage in Bramhall and I thought it would be nice to do a post on the area for those looking to move here.

Why Bramhall?

I do not think it is an area that really needs selling to be honest, it has everything you could want.

Food – There is so much choice it is difficult to know where to begin. Indian, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Mediterranean Bramhall literally has so much to offer and they are mostly local independent restaurants which just adds to the charm of Bramhall.

There are also a couple places which do great Breakfasts (Juniper & Bubble Room being 2 of my personal favourites) if you have a few too many… (which nicely leads me on to).

Drinks – Again, this is an area not lacking in Bramhall. From local pubs, you have The Victorian and the Mounting Stone through to bars where we have The Bubble Room, YardBird and the aptly named Gin Bar (no prizes for guessing what they sell – I did not realise there were so many different types of Gin!).

Parks – The obvious one is Bramhall Hall and Park. It is a lovely park with a few different routes, some are quite flat, others are a little more rugged so it should be able to cater for most people. There is a lovely little cafe in the park and a great duck pond where the little ones can feed the ducks.

Beyond Bramhall park there is also Happy Valley and Carr Wood so plenty of green spaces for kids.

Schools – Depending on where in Bramhall you are your kids may end up at one of a couple of schools from Hursthead if you are on or around the Hursthead Estate or Pownall Green Primary. For the high schools you are probably looking at Bramhall High or Cheadle Hulme high school both of which get very good ratings from Ofsted.

Health and Fitness – There are plenty of gyms and sports clubs around Bramhall. We have Anytime Fitness in the centre, you then have Total Fitness just outside Bramhall.

There are also places like Bramhall Tennis, Golf and Cricket clubs to keep you busy and get the blood pumping.

It really is difficult to explain how much Bramhall has to offer, the above is just an overview of what shops and business are around but there is also a great little community feel with Bramhall.

Annual Events

Every year we have things like:

  • Light up Bramhall – Run by the Bramhall Together Trust this is an event just before Christmas with entertainment food stalls and a Christmas lights switch on event. It is a really nice event for all ages and mulled wine on tap, which goes down a treat.
  • Bramhall Summer Festival – Similar to the light up Bramhall event but with less lights and usually a little more sun. This event is run in summer and is a great way to try some new food from local businesses.
  • Halloween trail – I think this was started due to Covid by ILoveBramhall (which is also a great sites full of local information and businesses). Due to the continuing lockdowns and lack of things to do, the community came together to give the younger children a trail to follow and tick off pumpkins around Halloween.

Finally you have access to a great Mortgage Broker near Bramhall in Mortgage Success. If you would like to discuss your options or even moving to Bramhall, do please get in touch where we would be happy to talk through your options.