Moving to Cheshire/South Manchester

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As we are based in Cheadle Hulme on the border with Wilmslow and Bramhall, we thought it would be a good idea to make some posts on the local towns/villages for anyone looking to move to the area.

We have recently made a couple of posts for people who are looking at moving to the local area.

These posts include:

In each of these posts we have tried to cover off some of the major points where we can help – that could be from Schools through to the more important bars and restaurants.

South Manchester and Cheshire is a lovely area to live in with everything you could possibly need in the local area. 15 minutes on the train and you have Manchester city centre, 10 minutes the opposite way and you have the countryside with places like Alderley Edge, Lyme Park and Macclesfield forest on your doorstep.

Schools in the area are generally very good, it is probably quite difficult to move to the area and not be near a good school.

As I mentioned above, there is plenty of green spaces to go to visit which speaking personally I have managed to see a lot more of over the last 12 months due to covid.

There are more than enough shops that should cover pretty much anything, with the likes of Cheadle Hulme shopping centre, Wilmslow town centre, Stanley Green trading estate – you should be able to shop local and not struggle to get what you need.

Bars and Restaurants are really not lacking in the area, it is an area where it really excels.

Take a look through the posts, we have probably not really done the areas justice and if you are not from the area, it might be worth coming to visit just to get a feel as they are all very difference despite being in close proximity to one another.

If you need any help, do please get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.