NHS staff Mortgages

Mortgage Success have been helping NHS staff obtain mortgages for many years. Due to the different types of employment within the NHS the options available can vary.

Standard Employment

With your standard employment this is where you have your normal hours and are just looking to use a basic wage. It would be treated like any other mortgage. Typically this would be using your income and multiplying it by up to 4.5x to work out the maximum you can obtain. Things like kids and commitments etc may end up reducing that down. But the 4.5x multiple gives you an idea of what is potentially achievable.

NHS Bank Staff

As bank staff, your income may change from one week to the next. This can affect how much you can obtain and can make it a little more complicated. If you are looking to maximise what is available to you, we can help with that.

There are a number of ways your application may be viewed. That can include looking at the last 3, 6 or 12 months payslips to work out your income. Where this happens, typically payslips are averaged out and then multiplied up over the year to work out your wage. This varies from lender to lender and part of what we do is to help navigate which may be the best options.

NHS work and private consultancy work

Where you have 2 contracts, that can prove a little tricky to use all of your income. Typically this would be Surgeons, Consultants or Dentists who do some work for the NHS and some private work.

We can help to navigate which lenders would be best depending on your precise circumstances. For example, you may have an employed and self employed position or potentially 2 employed roles. The good thing about having access to over 80 lenders is that we usually have access to a company who can help us to get what you want.


If you work for the NHS no matter what your contract type(s) it is worth getting in touch. We always look to find a way to help. NHS bank staff for example we have plenty of experience with and have been able to help many people get normal rate mortgages.

Having quirky employment types, especially working for the NHS does not necessarily mean you have to pay higher rates.

If you would like to discuss your options, please check out our contact page where we will be happy to try and help.