Complex mortgages for Professional athletes & sports people

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Owing to the circumstances of being a professional athlete obtaining a Mortgage as a professional sports person can be tricky and the resultant application for complex mortgages is one that should only be embarked upon by an independent whole of market mortgage broker liked Manchester based Mortgage Success..

Underwriters have all sorts of concerns:

  • When your professional career ends, what are your plans?
  • Will your income be the same if you become injured?
  • What happens when your contract finishes?

I am sure they have many more, however those are 3 of the big questions Mortgage Underwriters have for sports people.

How can we help?

Thankfully there are mortgage lenders out there who will take a pragmatic view on these concerns and will look at complex mortgage a little differently. For example, if you have been a professional at something then you are in a good position to either coach and train others in the industry. Alternatively you may have built up contacts from promotions and marketing events or management etc and take on another role within the club or a previous club.

We find the same need for complex mortgages in the no sports world too as many skilled professionals such as engineers and electricians often find the lure of big money working fixed term contracts abroad and whilst common sense would tell you that these professionals are earning two or three times their UK annual earnings per year the high street mortgage lender doesnt see past the fixed contract and many professional sportspersons are on similar fixed contracts so it pays to look at the whole of the UK mortgage market to find the right deal that is right for your complex mortgage needs.

We do have Mortgage lenders prepared to sit down and take a look at your situation where we can discuss the case with the underwriter in order to try and get them on board.

If you are a sports person looking for a Mortgage and have struggled? If so, give us a call. We can have a chat and discuss your options.