We are growing!

Over the last 12 years since I set up Mortgage Success (or Manchester Mortgage Broker as it was originally known – funny story on the name change I can tell you about if you get in touch) we have grown more or less every year in terms of customers and mortgages written. With the exception of 2023, every year has been busier than the previous year. It has started to get to the point where I am having to turn people away due to not having the capacity to take them on without affecting the quality of the service.

However, I do not like to turn people away especially considering the part of the market we specalise in. Because of that, I thought it best we take on another broker.

After speaking to a number of people since the start of the year, the person who stood head and shoulders above the rest was…

Matt – Trainee Mortgage Broker

Matt is coming on as a trainee mortgage broker. He has previously worked in accounts for an insurance company. Matt is good with numbers having worked in accounts and Insurance previously. He has a similar outlook on how we look after customers and is very enthusiastic to get going.

He already has his exams and is looking to continue his career in financial services by becoming a Mortgage Broker. His long term aim is to ultimately become a Financial Advisor. I will be training him up and everything will be thoroughly checked beforehand so fear not, you will have 2 people checking over your application if you do speak to Matt. Although I fully expect him to fly through his training as he is extremely thorough.

Matt is originally from Reading but has moved up to Manchester with his partner. His long term plans are to move into Financial Advice with pensions and investments. Keep an eye out, there might be a wealth arm of Mortgage Success in the future!


After 12 years, it has got to the point where I am having to turn people away due to me seeing my family less than I would like. That is quite hard to do especially when we work in the adverse part of the market. Not all brokers have the knowledge and contacts we do which can mean people are missing out.

Because of that and the fact we have all had (and are still having) a difficult couple of years with interest rates and the cost of living. Unfortunately I think we will continue to see an increase in people with bad credit. I think that means now is the right time to take on Matt. We can have him up and running for when things do improve.