What kind of Mortgages can a broker help with?

Today I just hit submit on an application and I thought it had been a funny day. Then I looked back at the month and thought it had been an even funnier month. This is not going to be one of those posts where we say Buy to lets, first time buyers and so on. I will just put some examples of the applications we have done this month so you can see what a varied mix it is.

What mortgages can we help with?

These are some of the applications we have done this month:

  • A Buy to let remortgage for £50,000 on a flat valued at £100,000 in Manchester.
  • A residential purchase for £825,000 on a home worth over £1,000,000 in London. This was an existing customer who we have looked after for a number of years.
  • A residential remortgage, quite straight forward for us really for a home in London. Again, another existing customer.
  • A remortgage for en existing customer for a £150k home up in Scotland. This customer has some bad credit, quite historic now but still a little too much for the high street in the current climate.
  • We may also have a new purchase application going in next week for a couple with quite a bit of bad credit in various formats (defaults, arrears etc).

I think the part that made me think it had been a funny day was because I can go from submitting a £50,000 mortgage to a £825,0000 mortgage in the space of 20 minutes!

Our applicants

This month we have had people who work with global superstar singers and performers to people who work in an office. Applicants who are on 6 figure incomes through to more average incomes.

We have had people with perfect credit and people who have defaults, CCJs and late payments – no bankruptcies as yet this month, but there is still time!

This month we have had a few of our average customers, some in slightly better positions and some in slightly worse. People on high incomes, people on minimum wage, people looking for large mortgages (we class large as anything over £500,000) and small mortgages (which we class as anything below £100,000), our average is closer to £220,000.


It is not uncommon for us to have such a varied client base. We always have had customers from all walks of life. But I do not think I have had such a varied couple of applications in such a short space of time. It hit me how really although we say we specialise in bad credit mortgages the reality is that can manifest in many different ways.

There is no standard customer for us and that is something I have really noticed today.

If you are a bit out of the ordinary or not… and you would like some help with your application, please get in touch. We would be happy to talk your situation through with you. We might have seen something similar, but maybe not. In any something different does not mean we can not help, but if we cant we will tell you.