Who uses a Mortgage Broker?

The simple answer is anyone can use a Mortgage Broker.

Many of our customers tend to have complicated situations, for example the self employed or people with bad credit (defaults, CCJs, bankruptcy etc), however our customer base is varied and we have realised there is no “normal” customer.

To give some examples, we have clients in their 20s through to their 50s. We have clients who work in offices and clients who work on building sites, we even have a tv/film actor and directors of multi-million pound companies. We help first time buyers through to experienced landlords looking to expand their portfolio. No 2 customers are the same.

With every customer we start from scratch, to find out about you and your requirements.

No matter what your occupation, history or requirements there is a good chance we have come across it before. To have a chat, please give us a call.