2019 another good year for Mortgage Success

2019 has been another good one for Mortgage Success. We started the year unsure of what to expect with Brexit. That showed particularly in February when looking back at the enquiries and mortgages submitted that

Conveyancing Solicitors

When making a Mortgage Application you will need to have a firm of Solicitors you plan on doing the legal work for you. This process is called Conveyancing. Many lenders have a Panel of solicitors

2018 with Mortgage Success

This year at Mortgage Success has been very unusual one for us. Rather than a fairly consistent flow of business with peaks at the usual times, it has been very much up and down. With

Mortgage Broker in Urmston

As a Mortgage Broker in Urmston all year we have been making posts about Mortgages and Insurance which, lets be honest is not the most exciting subject. But at the same time, Urmston (which is

Can we be trusted?

We recently met up with a potential customer (more about this further down the page). They were very reluctant to provide bank statements and ID among other things we need in order to proceed. Every

GDPR, Personal Data and Mortgage Success

You may not have heard of or be fully aware of the hotly debated GDPR laws and how they might affect mortgage brokers so this timely post is an overview of GDPR, Personal Data and

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance Critical Illness insurance is a policy that will pay out in the event of the person insured being diagnosed with one of around 35-40 conditions covered by the policy. All Critical Illness

Income Protection Insurance

Income Protection is an insurance policy that covers your income in the event of you being unable to work due to sickness or ill health. There are 2 types of Income Protection: Short term: Typically

Getting treated by the best Drs in the world!

If you were seriously ill, would you want to be treated by the very best Doctors in the world as nominated by their peers? There is more information below, but you can also read about