Mortgage Capacity report

What is a Mortgage capacity report? A Mortgage Capacity Report is in essence a letter which confirms how much you can obtain by way of a mortgage based on your circumstances or circumstances as they

How to apply for a Mortgage

In the UK there are generally speaking 2 ways to apply for a Mortgage on your home or new purchase. Applying directly This is where you as the applicant make an application directly to the

Our Reviews

I wont lie, this is a bit of a lazy post from me. We try to get one post a week out but I have been a little busy so I am copping out a

Why Variable rates might become more attractive

I bet you think I am mad writing this… Hear me out. Last week I was talking to one of our account managers at a building society. He was telling me that building societies (not

Mortgage & the cost of living

It will come as no surprise that we are all spending more money on pretty much everything than we were 12 months ago. From food to fuel everything has gone up. The expectations are this

My Credit score has dropped!

Over the weekend I received an email to say my credit score has dropped. I thought this would make a great article. It tells me to click on the link to find out why. My

Can I get a mortgage with 1 years accounts?

Being self employed makes getting a mortgage a little more complex. Where as with employed applicants we usually just need to provide 3 months payslips that is not the case with self employed applicants. Why

1 years accounts success story

We have a customer who asked us obtain a mortgage for him. We have known the customer a few years and so were comfortable we could help him as he had been self employed for

A little update on the mortgage market

Its been an interesting couple of months in our industry. Although interesting does not really translate to good. The good So for us at least, the overwhelming positive is that the housing market has been