RTB Mortgage broker

A Right to Buy (RTB) mortgage in short is a mortgage product that allows you to buy your council home using the discount towards in full or in part towards the deposit. At Mortgage Success

What credit score do I need for a Mortgage in 2022

After 8 years as a Mortgage Broker this is a question that consistently comes up year after year. We have a very simple phrase… Ignore the score. Credit agencies seem to think it is important

The future of Mortgage interest rates

I thought this would be an interesting post as it is something in peoples minds at the moment. Last week I was on a webinar with a Mortgage lender and they were discussing why interest

Is it better to buy or rent?

When looking at where it is better to buy or rent your home, there are 2 main angles I think we need to consider. This post will just look at the key points in a

Why use a Specialist Bad credit mortgage broker?

This post we will look at whether you need a specialist bad credit mortgage broker and why it might be beneficial to use one. Do you need a specialist bad credit mortgage broker? The first

Simple Success story

Most of our Success stories centre around adverse. This one is a lot simpler but a good story where we can help even in the most straight forward of cases. Background 2 years ago, a

Covid and Mortgages

As you may know when Covid hit the UK in March 2020 it resulted in a huge shift in the Mortgage market. Prior to March 2020 the industry was as relaxed as I have seen