A few late payments

These types of applications are always interesting. On the one hand you have clear issues that are affecting an application from being accepted. On the other hand, they are “just” a few late payments and

Defaults application success story

I thought this would make a great little example of what we can do. On the face of it it does not differ from a lot of our success stories. However it is the little

Secret to a good Mortgage application

Are we all ready for some cheese? The secret to a good mortgage application is like your home… It is all in the foundations. If the foundations are right, then everything “should” go smoothly. What

One of the applicants letting the side down…

Just to start, this really is not a case of placing the blame. I just thought it would be a good title. We are very big on not placing blame for adverse on either applicant,

What is Manual underwriting?

Already this month we have done a couple of applications with manual underwriting. I thought it would be a good idea to explain this in a little more detail. I think the easiest way to

Mortgages in March – Part 2!

I made a post earlier in the month about previous predictions and updates in the market. A lot has happened since then which was only 11 days ago! This morning we were on a conference

Mortgages in March

The last few weeks have been interesting, there has been a lot of changes going on and I thought it would be good to have a little recap. Interest Rates I think it was impossible

The future of Mortgage interest rates

I wanted to take a look at where we think interest rates will go. I have even gone on record with some predictions but what do I know? Last year I tied in to a