Pepper Money in 2021

The idea of these posts is to give you a review on the specialist lenders from a mortgage brokers perspective. It is easy to read reviews online, you are more likley to find negative reviews

Best Doctors – My personal experience

For anyone who has ever met me and discussed insurance, you will probably know how much of a fan of “Best Doctors” I am. For those of you who do not know what it is,

Mortgage Affordability problems due to age

This success story is a little different to most of our others. The others are generally around complications to do with credit problems, however in this example it is purely to do with affordability. We

The end of the stamp duty holiday

The stamp duty holiday has very much been a complicated subject. On the one hand, the stamp duty holiday allowed people to move home which with the effects of the pandemic still in play it

Bankruptcy Discharge Certificate

If you have previously been bankrupt we would usually request a copy of the Bankruptcy Discharge certificate for the mortgage lender. Below is a little more information on what this document looks like and where

Are all Life Insurance policies the same?

In 2011 I started working for a Life insurance provider. Mortgage brokers and financial advisers sold our policies. We also sold Income Protection and Critical Illness policies. We were never really the cheapest and there

Bad Credit caused by Covid

Since Covid-19 hit early last year, it has turned our world upside down. For some people it has been a positive – more time with family, less time commuting or even furlough. For others however,

IVAs and Mortgages

Getting a mortgage with an IVA is obviously more complex than without. However it does not necessarily mean you can not get a Mortgage or that it needs to cost more. The devil is in

The Mortgage market in 2021 so far

We read a lot in the news about how the mortgage market is going and how property prices are going up or down and I thought I would put a post out there to explain

Ignore the score – why credit score in not important

Over the years we have become accustomed to people thinking their score should either mean they have the pick of the lenders or they will struggle to get a mortgage depending on their credit score.