Cheap & good Conveyancing

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Cheap & Good Conveyancing is sometimes easier said than done, cheap or good, is easier as opposed to having both.

One of the things we get asked about from some of our customers is recommendations for Solicitors to do the conveyancing for their purchase if a first time buyer or sale and purchase if you are looking to move home.

Thankfully, due to the volume of mortgages we place we have been able to see first hand, how some conveyancing Solicitors work.

We are always reluctant to make recommendations for Conveyancing as we think it reflects badly on us if there are any problems and things can go wrong during the conveyancing process. However, we took the view to work with a firm for conveyancing after going through a period of customers getting quotes from Estate Agents (which were typically £200-300 more than we could get – that probably says how much commission the estate agents are earning from it (or you!)) and/or getting a firm who were useless or worked at their own speed, which was typically stop or slow.

Cheap & Good Conveyancing

We now work with a Cheap & Good Conveyancing sourcing company who have a system that generates quotes from around 15 conveyancing companies in order to prevent people paying far more than they need to at what is an expensive period at the best of times or to get a firm that is useless and you have no control over if you want things moving quicker. There are 2 benefits to this:

  1. They can get cheaper prices than we could due to economies of scale – they deal with a number of brokers.
  2. On the back of that, they also have access to at least one of the partners at the firm. If there is a problem, we can get access to the people at the very top.

We have used various firms on this system and to be honest they are actually hit and miss, however after 9 months of using it we have managed to find 2 companies we like and consistently give a good level of service. When we have had problems we have been able to get in touch with one of the partners to resolve the issue, so using one of the firms we work with can be a good way to get a decent price and a decent service 9 times out of 10.

We do not go with the cheapest, but typically the cost between cheapest and most expensive is around £100 so not a lot in the grand scheme of things when buying what is probably the most expensive purchase of your life.

You are under no obligation to use the firms we use and there will be no pushy sales. We offer it as a service, if you are struggling to find a good and/or competitive quote or you would just like us to take the hassle of finding a conveyancer away from you, we can do that for you.

Getting a quote

We have 2 options for you, we have the quoting system online which you can find here using our online conveyancing quoting system, but this will generate all of the firms and sadly it can not filter out the firms we have found to be a little slow, but if nothing else you can use it to get a comparison quote and see how the prices will be coming out.

You can also get in touch with us and we will generate a quote for you.

In either case there is no requirement to use us as your Mortgage broker, if we can help you save some money with Cheap & Good Conveyancing, it is good for everyone.