Manchester House Prices

I read an interested article in the Manchester Evening News today. It was explaining where in Greater Manchester house prices were going up by the most – percentage wise. North & East Manchester It was

Can I get a Mortgage after Bankruptcy?

Insolvency affects tens of thousands of people each year and after such an event and when you are starting to move on there comes a time when the question, “Can I get a Mortgage after

Bad Credit Right to Buy Mortgage

If you have questions about a Bad Credit Right to buy Mortgage it’s worth noting that Obtaining a Mortgage when purchasing your home under the Right to Buy scheme is a little different to the

Need Help With An Interest Only Mortgage?

According to the FCA around 1 in 5 UK Mortgages are still Interest only or part interest only, which equates to some 1.5m mortgages in total, so if you Need Help With An Interest Only

Right to Buy Mortgages in 2019

The Right to Buy Mortgage market has not really changed in the last 5 years but Right to Buy Mortgages in 2019 are about to see some changes. Criteria and rates have followed the market

Buying a home in Manchester

Manchester is a great city to look at buying your home, we have ‘everything except a beach’ as Ian Brown famously said. With everything from Shopping Centres to Green spaces, events for big and little