Brokers (good) & Brokers (bad)

So this week, we had a Mortgage application go to full offer. There is nothing unusual there I hear you saying. Well, this customer had been to see another brokers, one of the largest in

Offset Mortgages

Offset Mortgages are a relatively new concept. In short an offset Mortgage is a Mortgage account linked to a Bank or Savings account. The easiest way to explain would be, with a conventional Mortgage, if

Mortgage Broker in Bramhall

Mortgage Success is a Whole of Market Mortgage Brokers based in Manchester. Being Whole of Market means we have access to in excess of 40 different lenders in order to help you obtain a great

Mortgage Broker in Altrincham

Mortgage Success is a Mortgage Brokers based in Trafford. Being in Trafford we have a great knowledge of the local market which includes Altrincham and Hale. Our Director started out working for a Mortgage Brokers

Homes close to commercial properties

Following a couple of conversations recently, I thought I would make a post on this. Occasionally we speak to people looking to purchase a home next to/above/adjacent to some sort of commercial premises. This in

Not all Mortgage Brokers are equal

In March time we were contacted by a potential client. The client was having some issues obtaining a Mortgage through his broker. His broker had tried a certain high street bank (we will call them

Mortgage for Discharged Bankrupt

Being a Mortgage Brokers thant specialises in those with bad credit, it is not surprising that we receive a lot of enquiries from those who have previously been bankrupt. In general the questions are: Can

Bridging loans

What are Bridging loans? A Bridging loan, is a loan taken out for a short term, usually to bridge a gap. Most bridging loans can not go beyond 12 months. When would I use a