Have you been declined for a Mortgage?

The first thing is do not panic. Lets look in to why you have been declined and then we can work on a plan of action. There can be many different reasons for a declined

How much can I afford when looking for a Mortgage?

All lenders now use an mortgage affordability calculator. These affordability calculators do vary from lender to lender and the amounts they will lend can be very different. Here we look at some of those difference

Will my debts stop me getting a Mortgage?

Will my debts stop me getting a mortgage is a question we regularly get asked throughout the year. The answer to this is similar to any question in that there is no generic, one size

Why should I use a Mortgage Broker?

We take a realistic approach on this. If you are straight forward, comfortable speaking to estate agents and underwriters and have a decent understanding of Mortgages, why would you use a broker? There are a

Can I get a Mortgage with a small deposit?

In short you can get a Mortgage with as little as a 5% deposit. Assuming the purchase price is £100,000 that would mean you need a £5,000 deposit plus costs. There is however a longer

Will my Mortgage Application be successful?

One of the questions we get asked a lot is in relation to how successful a Mortgage application will be. As a Mortgage Broker who tends to specialise in helping First Time Buyers and people

Home extension Mortgage

We often get asked by customers how they can pull some of the equity in their home out of the property in order to build an extension. Typically there are two main ways to pull