Bluestone Mortgages

Bluestone Mortgages are a lender we like dealing with. We were one of the first Mortgage Brokers in the country to use them and we have kept up a very good relationship with them over

Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

As you can probably tell from our website, we tend to specialise in the bad credit part of the market so if you think you are in the need of a home loan via Bad

Pepper Money Mortgages for Bad Credit

Pepper Money are a lender we use regularly. We were one of the first Mortgage Brokers to use them when they first launched – they were terrible! So bad in fact I had to put

Magellan Home loans Mortgage Prisoner

With news of other mortgage providers leaving the market and the rise of mortgage prisoners, this post is aimed at Magellan Home loans customers, to give some necessary information. Who are Magellan Home Loans? Magellan

GE Money Mortgage Prisoners

GE Money Home Lending were an active lender in the UK mortgage market until they withdrew in 2015 and in doing so have left many homeowners as GE Money Mortgage Prisoners. GE Money stopped lending

Why has my Mortgage Application been declined?

There are a number of reasons why your Mortgage Application could have been declined. Some of those reasons are easy to overcome, others less so. Below I will cover off the main reasons individually, although

Can I get a high street mortgage with bad credit?

We have plenty of real life examples of customers with Defaults, arrears, CCJs even Bankruptcy who have been able to get bad credit high street mortgage. To have a read of some of those examples,

Can I get a Mortgage after Bankruptcy?

Insolvency affects tens of thousands of people each year and after such an event and when you are starting to move on there comes a time when the question, “Can I get a Mortgage after

Bad Credit Right to Buy Mortgage

If you have questions about a Bad Credit Right to buy Mortgage it’s worth noting that Obtaining a Mortgage when purchasing your home under the Right to Buy scheme is a little different to the