Ignore the score – why credit score in not important

Over the years we have become accustomed to people thinking their score should either mean they have the pick of the lenders or they will struggle to get a mortgage depending on their credit score.

What are the chances of getting a Mortgage?

I was asked this question earlier last month but it is one of those questions that crops up quite often. I tend to say with the applications we take on the chances of being accepted

Why was my mortgage application declined?

Sometimes mortgage applications do end up being declined. There are various reasons for this. Some declined applications could be avoided which I will explain below. Others however you would only find out after an application

Minimum credit score needed for a Mortgage

We often get people calling up/emailing us with their credit score and asking if we can help. One of the things we occasionally get asked is “what is the minimum credit score needed for a

Bridging loan with no income and Bad credit

I do not really write on here about products we have access to as things change periodically but I thought this one deserved a post as it looks like a very flexible product and well

Which lenders ignore Defaults?

We had an interesting conversation with a potential customer earlier this week. The customer had done some of their own research told us of a lender they had found who would ignore their Default and

Do you feel alone with your adverse?

Most of our customers have credit issues in one form or another, from very mild historic missed or late payments through to recent Bankruptcy. There was a report carried out by Pepper money (you can

Do you stick out?

As Mortgage Brokers part of our job is to understand lenders criteria. We work with around 80 Mortgage lenders so it is impossible to remember everything. However there are things it is important to know

How to make your own Mortgage Success story

You may have seen our Mortgage Success story posts on the site or you may have even found us whilst looking for success stories from people in a similar situation to yourself. The aim for

Online Mortgage Broker for Bad Credit

Should you use an online Mortgage Broker if you have bad credit and want to obtain a Mortgage? Last week we received an enquiry from a customer who had some relatively minor credit issues but