Bridging loans

What are Bridging loans? A Bridging loan, is a loan taken out for a short term, usually to bridge a gap. Most bridging loans can not go beyond 12 months. When would I use a

Who uses a Mortgage Broker?

The simple answer is anyone can use a Mortgage Broker. Many of our customers tend to have complicated situations, for example the self employed or people with bad credit (defaults, CCJs, bankruptcy etc), however our

Home Purchase

As a home mover, you have possibly already been there and done it with arranging a Mortgage. However it can still be a stressful position to be in – if not more so than a

Mortgages & Brexit

We are seeing a lot of people concerned with how voting out of the EU will affect Mortgages. It is difficult to answer that question with any sort of confidence, however in the immeidate aftermath

Buy to Lets and Tax / Stamp Duty

This is a relatively short post about the current tax and stamp duty rules for Buy to lets and secod properties and the impending changes over the next 3-4 years. I recently came across a