Mortgage Broker in Altrincham

Mortgage Success is a Mortgage Brokers based in Trafford. Being in Trafford we have a great knowledge of the local market which includes Altrincham and Hale. Our Director started out working for a Mortgage Brokers

Homes close to commercial properties

Following a couple of conversations recently, I thought I would make a post on this. Occasionally we speak to people looking to purchase a home next to/above/adjacent to some sort of commercial premises. This in

Not all Mortgage Brokers are equal

In March time we were contacted by a potential client. The client was having some issues obtaining a Mortgage through his broker. His broker had tried a certain high street bank (we will call them

Mortgage for Discharged Bankrupt

Being a Mortgage Brokers thant specialises in those with bad credit, it is not surprising that we receive a lot of enquiries from those who have previously been bankrupt. In general the questions are: Can

Most lenient Mortgage lenders in 2017

We often get asked who the most lenient lenders are, the answer varies and depends on you. Before I start this article, I should let you know that I will not be naming any lenders

Bridging loans

What are Bridging loans? A Bridging loan, is a loan taken out for a short term, usually to bridge a gap. Most bridging loans can not go beyond 12 months. When would I use a

Who are the most lenient Mortgage lenders

Who are the most lenient Mortgage lenders? There are lenders who are more flexible than others. Some in terms of credit scoring, some are more lenient in criteria and some in both. Lenders do occassionally

The costs of buying your first home

When we receive a phone call from a prospective client, one of the questions we get asked a lot is about what costs are involved with buying a home. So we thought we would try

Who uses a Mortgage Broker?

The simple answer is anyone can use a Mortgage Broker. Many of our customers tend to have complicated situations, for example the self employed or people with bad credit (defaults, CCJs, bankruptcy etc), however our

Home Purchase

As a home mover, you have possibly already been there and done it with arranging a Mortgage. However it can still be a stressful position to be in – if not more so than a