Can I get a Mortgage with 1 years Accounts?

If you are looking at getting a Mortgage with 1 years Accounts then you are in luck as this post is just for you. If you are self employed and looking for a Mortgage, it

Remortgage for Home Improvements

If you are looking to improve your home it can be a costly expense and for many this is were a Remortgage for Home Improvements comes in. Things like a single storey extension and a

Should I remortgage to Consolidate Debt?

Whether you Remortgage to Consolidate Debt is to us (as Mortgage Brokers) one of the type of enquiries we receive on a daily basis. For people looking to wrap up their debt in to one

Guide to buying your first home (& some tips)

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What Credit Score do I need for a Mortgage?

There are 3 main Credit Agencies in the UK – Equifax, Experian and Transunion (formally Call Credit) so when discussing what credit score for a mortgage you may need we have to consider the three

Protection Insurance Claim statistics

Protection Insurance is one of those things that is better to have and not need, than need it and not have it so we thought it might be useful to look at some protection insurance

Can I get a Mortgage with a new job?

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Can a Mortgage Broker help me?

You may be asking yourself Can a Mortgage Broker help me? Read on and let me give you some insight on how we, a Whole of Market Broker, can find you the best mortgage deal

Manchester House Prices

I read an interested article in the Manchester Evening News today. It was explaining where in Greater Manchester house prices were going up by the most – percentage wise. North & East Manchester It was