IVA & Self employed Success story

This success story feels little lightweight compared to some of our stories, but I think because of the current climate we are in and because it shows how a broker can make a difference, it

Online Mortgage Broker for Bad Credit

Should you use an online Mortgage Broker if you have bad credit and want to obtain a Mortgage? Last week we received an enquiry from a customer who had some relatively minor credit issues but

Getting a Mortgage with localised lockdown

At the minute it feels that a lot of our posts are about Covid-19 and how it affects a Mortgage application. It is strange really as 4-5 months ago nobody had ever heard of it

How Covid-19 is affecting Mortgages Q&A

We have been getting a few questions over the last few weeks since Corona virus took hold, those questions range from how furlough and government grants affect Mortgage applications, through to payment holidays and what

Mortgages after the lockdown

Where do we even begin! The only word I can think of is complicated. In 9 years of being a Mortgage broker, I can not remember a time where Mortgage options have been so volatile.

Brokers can help even the most straightforward…

In March time we submitted an application to the lender. First time buyer, no credit issues, deposit in place – all as straightforward as you could get. The Mortgage went straight to offer as expected

Overview of our Success Stories

Over the last few years we have found that we have a lot of the same conversations. Two of those conversations are: I know you probably wont be able to help me because of my

Why use a specialist Mortgage Broker?

This post is just generically speaking it is not specifically related to adverse credit, but after some recent conversations with customers I thought it would be useful to explore the question, ‘Why use a specialist