Bad Credit Mortgage Broker

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specialises in obtaining Mortgages for those with Bad Credit. We have a process in place that enables us to know which lenders you fit criteria with, that then enables us to go directly to the Mortgage Lender(s) we think are most suitable for your circumstances and discuss it with an underwriter or account manager soon after we have spoken to you. Many of our customers are people who have been declined either trying their own bank directly or through another broker.

Getting a mortgage can be difficult at the best of times at the minute. Getting a Mortgage with Adverse or bad credit can be very difficult.

It does not help when some Mortgage Advisors tell clients they have no chance. This is something we have come across quite a bit in the past. We have met with quite a few clients who have been told this, yet we have been able to find them a deal! It may be because we have relationships with some of the more lenient lenders, it may be that we just know where to look or it could be that we are prepared to put the time and effort in to discuss your situation with the lenders and underwriters in order to work with them to find a solution and get you a Mortgage.

We are not sure what the reason is, however there are very few occassions where we have had to tell a client we are not able to get them a Mortgage deal.

We have been able to help people with:

  • Defaults,
  • CCJ’s,
  • Bankruptcy,
  • Missed/Late payments,
  • IVAs,
  • DMPs or
  • a combination of the above.

We specialise in Adverse and Bad credit mortgages. Our brokers do bad credit mortgages on a daily basis, even if you have been refused by another Mortgage broker – give us a call, its an informal chat and we will tell you over the phone if we think we can help or not. The last thing we want to do is waste your time or ours if we do not think we can help.

Do not give up without giving us a call first!