Brokers (good) & Brokers (bad)

So this week, we had a Mortgage application go to full offer.

There is nothing unusual there I hear you saying.

Well, this customer had been to see another brokers, one of the largest in the country. You would think with their clout, size and employees they would be able to do anything we can.

It appears not, we received an email from a potential client who had been to this brokers. The brokers had advised the client that their case had been declined. Customer being nervous spoke to us and told us the previous brokers were appealing the decision. After he explained the situation to us, I was doubtful it would get overturned (partially because the lender is fussy and partially because the situation made me think they would not back down/make an exception).

I told the client we could help and would not have a problem getting him his Mortgage, but it would be worth holding fire for the sake of 24-48 hours.

48 hours came and the case was declined.

17-18 days later (mybe 13 working days) and we have his full Mortgage offer issued.

Of course I am singing our praises, but this is an example of where having a good broker that knows their job can be the difference between getting your new home and not. As I have said many many times before, there are good and bad Mortgage Brokers, just like there are good and bad accountants, electricians etc etc.