We made a mistake here at Mortgage Success

Thats right, we are admitting to making a mistake here at Mortgage Success and getting it wrong.

What happened I hear you ask…

When researching a lender for a customer, a product popped up in our sourcing system that was considerably better than the next cheapest lender. Similar sort of monthly repayments but this had free legals unlike the next one, saving the customer around £250.

‘Free Legals’ Or so we thought…

I spoke to the customer, I told them we had found a good deal and went through it with them and sent the illustration. They were happy and gave me the green light to proceed and another happy here at Mortgage Success case in waiting, with those all important ‘free legal’ fees our client wanted.

So I began submitting the application and when it cam to choosing the product, the free legal fees was not there?

I called the lender and asked why. The product selected was for Existing customers only and I still have no idea why it came up on our sourcing system and neither do they.

What happened?

Rather than start the research from scratch, explain we had made a mistake and waste the customers time, we chose the same product but with legal fees. We then instructed our solicitor and we paid the fee for the customer to keep our word and with which the client instructed us to proceed with the mortgage application.

I then called the customer to tell her what had happened and that we had rectified it but wanted to get everything back on track before coming to her and letting her know there was a problem.

The outcome?

One happy customer, one broker eating beans this week 😛


Why are we telling you this?

Well, nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes. Customers usually only get to see how a company is when everything is going smoothly but when there is a problem you want to know that you are in good hands and we like to think we are professional and get the job done, come rain or shine.

We will only come to you with a problem if we are unable to correct it without having to discuss it with you. Our customers pay us to find them a good deal and to get it. That includes resolving the problems and taking away the worry.

So if you want a good honest Manchester based Mortgage Broker, give us a call.