Who are Mortgage Success & Why should you use us?

Long story short, the answer to the question of ‘Who are Mortgage Success’ is that we are a whole of market, Independent Mortgage Broker in Manchester.

You are applying for what will probably be your biggest purchase. It will likely take 2-4 months of your life and can be incredibly nerve wracking and stressful.

You are thinking a Mortgage Broker can help find you the cheapest deal, but some mortgage brokers (us included) are more than just a price comparison service for most of our customers.

If you are not too interested in our history and would prefer to just find out why us, scroll down the page a little and without writing war and peace I have put a couple of things that I think make us worth considering to work for you and get you your new home.

Manchester Mortgage Broker – The early years…

Independent Mortgage Broker in Manchester

Mortgage Success was originally set up as a one man band in 2013 as “Manchester Mortgage Broker” (ManchesterMortgageBroker.co.uk). After 2-3 years I looked at taking on a new Mortgage Broker in Liverpool, conscious of the fact I did not think it would be a good idea to send a Liverpudlian out in Liverpool with Manchester Mortgage Broker on their business cards I set about thinking of a new name that would work for my plans on growing and that is where Mortgage Success came in.

Manchester Mortgage Broker becomes Mortgage Success

In 2016 we became Mortgage Success and that is when we started to grown, as it happened the lad from Liverpool never joined in the end but everything had been put in motion and it seemed like the right thing to do with the name change and my plans to grow the business.

As I had done a lot of work with customers who had Bad Credit and enjoyed helping people get back on track and I also loved helping first time buyers get their foot on the property ladder, I decided that was the route we concentrate on, although we are Independent Mortgage Brokers in Manchester so we can help with all types of Mortgages, including Buy to Lets, Remortgages etc.

We then took on a new Mortgage Broker in 2017, Dawn who is also my mum and so we became a family run business. With Dawn on board it then meant we had an Mortgage Broker in Manchester and a Mortgage Broker in Stockport so we were able to offer face to face appointments at your home over a greater part of Manchester and Cheshire.

Why should you use us as your Mortgage Broker?

So with the above explaining a little about us and how we got to where we are, what about why you should use as your Independent Mortgage Broker in Manchester or even if you are further afield as we do have customers from Scotland down to Brighton.

First thing is that all of our customers are treated individually. There are no call centres and you have direct access to your adviser which can not be said for all Mortgage Brokers.

We are Independent Whole of Market Mortgage Brokers with over a decade of experience in Financial Services. We have access to over 80 lenders at the last count ranging from the lenders typically at the better end of rates table right through to those at the worse end who are more flexible with everything in between.

You can read some of our Success Stories from previous customers, some of which are people who were unable to get a mortgage via other Mortgage Brokers. I like writing these stories as I think it just shows some really good examples of people who had more or less given up who were able to get a Mortgage or a Mortgage at far better rates than expected.

Our customer reviews, it hopefully helps when you get read what our customers think in their own words:

I think one of our biggest selling points is that we limit how much business we take on, that means we are on hand to answer questions, fix problems and chase people to keep things moving forward. We do not pile our customers high and then become a nightmare to get hold of, unless we are in a conference or training event you should always be able to get hold of us within the hour, although quite often we are on hand to get hold of immediately.

I think this is a huge selling point for us and potentially one that is undervalued, if you get some bad news about your application your mind starts racing and all you want to do is find out what is happening and what it means for you. Being able to get an answer or some reassurance straight away is probably invaluable.

However, it is important to note that whilst problems do arise our success rate with being able to get customers a Mortgage is probably around 97% since starting out in 2013. We are sadly never going to get 100% success rate but it is rare we are unable to help after saying we can.

As a whole of market, Independent Mortgage Broker in Manchester we can research the entire UK mortgage market to find the best product for each client’s individual needs and circumstances.

If you are still unsure, give us a call and vet us. Our initial consultation is free and without obligation.