Bad Credit Mortgage Lenders

As you can probably tell from our website, we tend to specialise in the bad credit part of the market so if you think you are in the need of a home loan via Bad

Pepper Money Mortgages for Bad Credit

Pepper Money are a lender we use regularly. We were one of the first Mortgage Brokers to use them when they first launched – they were terrible! So bad in fact I had to put

Kensington Mortgages example case

We do not use Kensington Mortgages massively and as a Complex Case and Adverse Credit Mortgage Broker this may seem surprising. Our experience with Kensington Mortgages is not great and it is hard to recommend

Why do Mortgage Brokers charge fees?

Every now and again we speak to people who are very much against paying fees to a Mortgage Broker. I have no issues with that, I suppose if we are getting paid commission and other

Mortgages for YouTubers

Mortgages for YouTubers on the face of it seems very strange but in today’s economy more and more people get their income away from the traditional 9-5 full time job and as a complex case

Getting a Mortgage & Divorce

Trying to get a Mortgage can be stressful enough but when you are looking at divorcing at the same time, events may seem overwhelming, complicated and stressful so hopefully this post can help put some

Magellan Home loans Mortgage Prisoner

With news of other mortgage providers leaving the market and the rise of mortgage prisoners, this post is aimed at Magellan Home loans customers, to give some necessary information. Who are Magellan Home Loans? Magellan